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“Brilliant things happen in calm minds and healthy bodies.”

We live in a time when it is all too easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed, and even children are more frequently experiencing these uncomfortable states. Being able to focus our attention and regulate our emotions are two of the most critical skills we must develop as human beings. When we teach Mindfulness to children, we are sharing with them skilful ways of relating to life’s uncomfortable and challenging moments. The earlier we do so in their young lives, the higher the opportunity to help them cultivate resilience and develop and refine their mindfulness practice as they mature.

Mindfulness is noticing what is happening in the current moment, how our body feels and what we see, smell and taste, and how we react to situations. Mindfulness is noticing what our mind is doing– the thoughts, the subconscious and conscious thoughts. When we see what is happening around us, we focus more deeply, and that attention to our senses helps us improve in diverse areas of our life.

At Ekam Early Learning Centre, we follow a structured Mindfulness curriculum which is catered around Mindfulness of the heart, mind and the body. Our curriculum focuses on themes such as emotions. At Ekam, we encourage the children to distinguish between their feelings on the inside and outside. Simple acts of kindness and forgiveness are encouraged. It helps them think, act, listen and eat mindfully.

Children participating in the curriculum not only improve on their social and emotional measures such as sharing, attention and empathy; they also tend to perform better on traditional academic standards.


Please feel free to contact our Academic team to get more details about our approach towards integrating Mindfulness into the curriculum at school.