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Nutrition At An Early Age

“A healthy outside starts from the healthy inside.” – Robert Urich

Every parent wants a healthy inside for their little one so that they can stay healthy, spread their wings and fly high. We at Ekam believe that early nutrition is essential for an energetic today and an enigmatic future for your munchkin!

Toddlers and preschoolers grow in spurts, and their appetites come and go in spurts. So it is essential to offer them a good selection of food. Toddlers start to say “no” more, and preschoolers can be especially opinionated about what they eat. Packing your little one’s meal with nutrients, proteins, healthy fats and a tiny bit of carbs is crucial for the overall mental and physical development of the child.

School nutrition improves a child’s eating habits by a mile. At Ekam Early Learning Centre, every meal is packed with a balanced diet. Our concept of social dining, along with classmates encourages your little ones to finish their meal and make way for a healthy future.

Below is the menu that makes its way to your child’s tummy at Ekam Early Learning Centre:

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