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The treasure of Reading

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”
.” – Walt Disney

Reading is vital. Reading starts young, with infants listening to voices or even seeing colourful pictures. Infants start relating to voice modulations and movement during storytelling. Reading progresses as children start pointing out pictures and even start saying words aloud, eventually leading them to read books independently. Reading allows children to understand their feelings and empathize with the characters in a book. Children who read or even who are read to, not only improve their literacy and language skills but also their thinking and listening skills. Books arouse curiosity among children and children enjoy participating by repeating words or lines of the story and start anticipating the flow of a story, thereby fostering cognitive development.

At Ekam Early Learning Centre, we are conscious about what children read. We realize the importance of children relating themselves to characters in a concept based story, making their learning an exciting journey. Children ingest essential life skills and a good story whirls them into many new worlds, some fantasy and some lifelike leading to igniting their imagination.

At Ekam Early Learning Centre, we believe reading is an essential cornerstone to a child’s wholesome development. We have curated a library with lots of exciting books catering to age groups from zero to six years. Books written by well-known authors to award-winning books, allow children to relate to real-life characters in simple stories, teaching them to manage their emotions in life situations. Keeping us closer to our cultural values, we have also included a wide variety of books from Indian authors that children can easily relate. We have carefully chosen handpicked books that adhere to relevant current affairs; we have books that are gender-neutral in their language and tone. Every child and adult would be eager to read these books. We have also consciously added books about mindfulness for children as it makes them improve their social and emotional behaviour.

The library at Ekam gives a child the freedom to read at any time at school. Spaces have been designed to provide a warm, secure and stimulating environment to read. We welcome you to our naturally lit, cosy reading nooks and corners where there is a wide array of children’s books, well-liked by all age groups.