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The Ekam Difference

The School Day

A typical school day at Ekam Early Learning Centre is action-packed with lots of fun-filled engaging activities leading to the holistic development of children. When planning lessons, we consider the individual needs, interests and stage of development of each child to ensure that we engage our children in the learning process, challenging each child to develop skills and knowledge across the curriculum. Active participation is encouraged in a supportive, caring environment where children are taught to view mistakes as a natural part of the learning process. In all areas of learning and development, we work closely with parents, communicating daily and involving parents in the learning journey that is designed to take place both at school and at home.

committed and compassionate facilitators

Committed & Compassionate Facilitators

At Ekam, teachers are committed and compassionate and love their job. They act as facilitators who become partners in the learning process with the learners, by encouraging them to find their answers instead of providing them with the answers directly. They ensure an age-appropriate, engaging environment with adequate time to satisfy their curious mind with a lot of hands-on activities. With learning through play and the empathetic nurturing provided by the facilitators, the learners excel in all aspects of development- personal, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. Each teacher at Ekam undergoes an extensive training program and leads by example; exhibiting the vision, philosophy and values of the school, thereby fostering them in the children.

Safe and Secure Environment

Safe & Secure Environment

At Ekam, having a safe and secure setting is our utmost priority. It provides an ambience for the learners to bloom to the best of their potential without fear, discomfort or compromise. At Ekam, we hope to build pleasant childhood memories by fostering a sense of belongingness towards school. All our classrooms and common areas are extremely child-friendly and child-proof. The colourful and creative environment in the school makes them feel poised to become spontaneous learners on our campus. All teachers and support staff members on campus, and the continuous CCTV surveillance in common areas of the school, keeps the school in a relaxed environment with only the bustling energy of the little ones perceptible. The school is also secured by a smart-card controlled gate which restricts unknown people’s entry to the school, thereby making the school exceptionally safe.

Well Groomed Campus

State-of-the-art & A Well-Groomed Campus

Our state-of-the-art well-groomed campus with spacious air-conditioned classrooms in subtle colours, age-appropriate teaching resources make it an irresistible and joyful place to be for the learners. Every nook and corner of the school is designed to stimulate and instil creativity. Expertly designed Art Atelier, the Library, Indoor Gymnasium, Outdoor play areas, Music Studio, Sports facility, Organic kitchen garden etc. are not just modern and well equipped but they help promote learning in an integrated approach. The beautiful campus is a perfect blend of enjoyable and concrete learning at school, thus motivating children to be lifelong learners.

Impeccable Hygiene and Cleanliness

Impeccable Hygiene & Cleanliness

Ekam Early Learning Centre lives up to the high standards of impeccable hygiene and cleanliness on the campus. It is highly imperative for the good health and habit of our learners. At school, we keep the surroundings pure and clean and sanitize the campus regularly. All small to large corners and areas of the school are always kept spick and span. All the members of the school, teachers to support staff are trained to maintain high levels of hygiene and basic etiquettes at school. They also undergo the prescribed medical tests and possess a fitness certificate to work at school.

Learning Through Play- based inquiry

Learning Through Play-Based Inquiry

At Ekam, we use play as a context for learning where children can explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways. Engaging young children through play-based inquiry helps create a natural love for learning in them. All learners benefit from a stimulating and pleasant environment. It is here that all aspects of age-appropriate child development take place to ensure that the child is ready mentally, physically emotionally as well as cognitively to absorb enormous learning around them. It is here that all its learners get an appropriate start to their world of learning with personal touch and empathy. The concepts taught in the preschool with fun and excitement encourages the learners to absorb the multiple intelligence approach to cater to diverse learning styles. The teachers are instrumental in conveying the value of education through dynamic experiences in class.

Strong Foundation for Life

Strong Foundation For Life

Ekam Early Learning Centre provides nurturing for all its learners with love and understanding and creates a secure educational foundation building mindful, compassionate, courageous and emotionally intelligent young leaders. It is here that learners are able to make the most of the conducive environment for holistic all-round development. The teachers are instrumental in conveying the value education through dynamic experiences in class which in turn makes our young learners confident and ready to face the challenges in a continually changing world. Additionally, our Mindfulness programme at school prepares the children to think, act and listen mindfully, thereby improving their social and emotional measures which make a strong foundation during the early years itself.

Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement

At Ekam, we believe that family engagement in schools improves student achievement, reduces absenteeism, and restores parents’ confidence in their children’s education. Students with involved parents have better social skills and show improved behaviour. Parental involvement is considered extremely important, and parents play a significant role in the overall development of the child.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

At Ekam, we believe that no two students are alike, and no two student journeys are the same, and they don’t learn in the same way. We understand that children learn in different ways and can express themselves in a hundred languages. We provide ample learning opportunities and cater to different learning styles so that learning is happening at every step.

Nutritious & A Well - balanced Meal

Nutritious & A Well-Balanced Meal

A balanced diet is key to healthy eating habits because it provides children with the nutrients they need to grow. At Ekam, we provide the children with a healthy balanced meal to ensure that they are getting all the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are required for healthy growth and development. Our food is sourced from a highly hygienic environment which is well planned to keep the age and taste of the little ones. We are proud to have our association with one of the best holistic nutrition experts of the city, who is an expert in organic cooking.